Our fees are simple and transparent, as they should be. No hidden fees or complex invoicing. You'll know exactly what you're paying and exactly what you're getting.

Membership Fees (per calendar month)
Individuals (ages 18+)$75/mo
Couples (husband+wife; or parent+child)$130/mo
Families (parents + children)$150/mo
Per-visit Fees for Lamb Health Members
Care-Needed-Today appointments (fever, cough, colds, infection)FREE
Physical (annual checkup, well-woman, sports, mission, camp)FREE
Communication via phone, text, and emailFREE
Next-day and same-day appointmentsFREE
Strep throat testFREE
EKG (electrocardiogram)FREE
Finger glucose test / blood sugar checkFREE
Urine pregnancy testFREE
Ear wax removal / ear lavageFREE
Weight loss managementFREE
Diabetes managementFREE
Psych consultation (depression, anxiety, attention deficit)FREE
Initial Visit Fee ($50 goes towards next month's membership)$125
Laboratory Fees (drawn in-house)
Complete Blood Count $5
Comprehensive Metabolic Panel$8
Cholesterol / Lipid Panel$10
Lab Draw FeeFREE
Medication Fees (may vary depending on manufacturer)
Lexapro / Escitalopram (for depression & anxiety)$0.30/pill
Lisinopril (for blood pressure)$0.133/pill
Phentermine (for weight loss)$0.325/pill
Imaging Fees (contracted with local imaging centers)
CT scan$225-300
Miscellaneous Fees
Solumedrol Shot $10
Vitamin B12 Shot$10
Kenalog Shot$10
Toradol / Ketorolac Shot $10
Testosterone Shot$15
Local Anesthetic (for removing skin tags)$10
Liquid Nitrogen (for freezing warts)$10

Prescription medication prices

Radiology prices

Membership fees are charged per calendar month, which starts on the day you sign up. A typical doctor's appointment costs about $100 per visit so you actually pay less and get more with your Lamb Health membership ($75 monthly for as many visits as needed).


If you are interested in offering a tangible benefit to your employees, then consider giving them a DPC membership! A discount will be given when you enroll at least 5 employees. Watch this video to learn more: https://vimeo.com/247897594

Please call or text us at 480-440-8666 for any billing questions.

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